Stairwell lighting with smart control

Integrated LED lighting is an ideal and energy-efficient solution for stairwell lighting, as you might have seen in our earlier blog post. Here, we will discuss controlling the stair lights. What happens if you don’t need the stairs to be illuminated all the time? What about if you have small children who forget to turn the lights off, or can’t reach a conventional switch? Or imagine you wake up in the night and head to the kitchen on the ground floor. With a sleepy brain, wouldn’t it be good if the lighting took care of itself? This is all possible with the smart controller that comes with our stair lighting kit.

Smart controller with motion sensors for your stair lights

Stair lighting installed on open staircase

The smart controller comprises a control panel that you mount on the wall or hide under a staircase (or even in a garage) and two motion sensors - one each for the bottom and top of the staircase - that can be mounted on the wall or handrails. The controller will turn on the lighting on the stairs when one of the motion sensors is triggered. The lighting will illuminate the stairs immediately, but subtly and without dazzling. After a set time (adjusted by you on the controller unit) the lighting on the stairs will automatically fade out and turn off. The controller programs also allow you to adjust the intensity of the light (i.e. brightness) and choose to have the lights on continuously or off altogether.

Controller options for your stair lighting


Our sets come with two controller options. The SCR1 stair controller is our entry level model. This controller turns all of the lights on or off at the same time. The SCR2 controller is our premium controller. It was designed following customer feedback and it switches each step individually, giving a sweeping effect up or down, depending whether the lower or upper sensor has been activated. If the sensors at both ends are activated at the same time, the sweeping effect will start from both directions. To see the different effects generated by the two options, watch our stair lighting video here.

Digital timer

Stair lighting shades of light

The digital timer is a recommended addition to our stair lighting set. It switches the stair light’s control unit on or off at selected times or days. This can prevent the stair lights from illuminating during the daytime, when you have sufficient natural light. The timer can be installed easily and sits between the controller and the power supply. Use the buttons on the timer to set the desired programme.


Why choose our smart stair lighting solution?

  • All in one solution: The set includes all the components needed for your stair lighting.

  • Energy efficient: our system uses LED lights that are highly energy efficient with a life expectancy of 50,000 hours. The controller, motion sensors and optional timer ensure that the lights are only on when needed.

  • Flexible options: our smart lighting set is highly customisable including: the number of steps, width of the lights, light colour, colour and design of protective profile and diffuser, controller type.

  • Elegant and practical: our sets are easy to install and provide an even illumination of the full width of your stairs.  The light effect can make your stairs a highlight feature of your home.

  • Smart automation: the programmable controller allows you to adjust the lighting conditions to your preference and the needs of your environment, including brightness and duration of illumination. The motion sensors allow hands-free operation of the lights.

  • High quality: our smart stair lighting is manufactured in Europe to the highest quality standards, is CE certified and comes with 2 years’ warranty.

For more information and to order your Smart Stair Lighting system, please visit our shop pages.