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Starlight ceilings

Bring the magic of starry nights to your home


Starlight ceilings provide a relaxing mood lighting experience, evoking memories of cloudless starry skies on long summer evenings.  Hundreds of star points twinkling gently over your head create a dreamy atmosphere so you can melt your daytime worries away.

Our panels are easy to install, with no need for access to the ceiling space above.  All panels can be supplied with colour changing edge lighting for a glow effect, taking your room decoration to a whole new level.

starlight ceiling in bedroom

Fibre optic starlight ceilings

• The starry sky effect is made using bundles of optical fibres, which transfer light from a single source along their length, emitting it at the end as many tiny star points distributed across a flat panel.  

• Optical fibres give a soft glow, complementing your main lighting and task lighting sources

• Optional edge lighting

• Choice of size, colour and galaxy printing options

Prices from £599 including delivery


LED starlight Panels

• The star points are created by individual LEDs embedded in the panel

• LED panels are designed and built individually for your space giving you full flexibility over the design and colours used

• LEDs provide a brighter light than optical fibres and can be combined with spotlights to provide main lighting

• Optional edge lighting

Contact us for design options

LED panels start at £650 per square metre

"The panel has completely transformed my daughter's room and she is over the moon."

- Stellar Lighting Customer

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