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Experience the magic of starry nights

at your home or business


Hand-crafted LED star ceilings 

Our LED starlight ceilings are custom designed and hand crafted panels with hundreds of individual LED lights that shine, fade in and out or gently twinkle giving a relaxing starry night experience. The ambient lighting effect can be further enhanced with colour changing edge lighting, while adding spot lights or chandeliers, the panels can function as the main lighting source of a room. Our LED starlight panels are delivered ready-to-install, with all fixtures and screws included.


Order directly from our webshop

Our most popular LED starlight ceiling designs can be ordered directly from our website, with delivery by courier to most mainland UK addresses included. If you have a different idea (whether it’s shape, colour or size) in mind, get in touch using the form at the bottom of the page. Alternatively, email us at or give us a call on 07572 555956 to discuss what you'd like. 








Please note that our LED star ceilings are manufactured to order in Hungary and shipped directly to customers. Your panel may be subject to additional customs charges and delivery delays, depending on how and whether a Brexit deal is implemented.


Why choose our LED starlight panels?

stair lights - elegant and practical

Custom designed and hand-crafted

  • Each panel is designed to your specifications

  • The panels are hand manufactured to the highest standards

stair lights - choice of colours

Flexible options

  • The panels can come in almost any shape, size and colour. The limit is your imagination!

  • They can be positioned either on ceilings or on any vertical surface, including walls, kitchen units, windows

  • The panels can function as mood lighting and main lighting as well, if combined with spot lights or chandeliers

Stair Lights - flexible

Easy installation

  • The panel is constructed specially for you and delivered fully complete

  • No need for access to the ceiling void or floor above

  • Connects to your existing lighting circuit

  • All screws and fixtures are included

  • Clear installation guide included

Stair lighting in action
Motion sensor lights for stairs
Motion sensor Lights for stairs - all lights On
Stair lights - energy efficient

Energy efficient

  • Up to 150 energy efficient LED lights per square meter

  • 50,000 hours of life expectancy for the LED lights

stair lights - automatic

Sensory lighting

  • Twinkling lights have a calming effect

  • Lights can be therapeutic for children with Autism, ADD, people with anxiety, addiction, depression and insomnia

  • Can promote cognitive development by increasing brain functions

stair lights - high quality

Made in Europe

  • Manufactured in the EU, to the highest quality standards

  • CE certified products

  • 1 year warranty