How to choose your stair lighting options?

This post will help you choose the most appropriate stair lighting options for you from our product range. Our stair lights can be customised in many ways so knowing all the available options and their features will help you make your decisions effectively.


Determine suitability

First of all, establish if our linear stair lights are suitable for your stairs and your needs.

Stair lighting installed on open staircase

Select your configuration

Intelligent stair lighting sets are highly customisable. Start by considering these options for your stair lights.

Stair lighting - options include choice of sensor

Customise your set

In order to further customise your order, you need to select “Add to cart” and further customise your set the following way:


Accessorise your set

Once you have customised your stair light set, you may wish to consider a couple of accessories before completing your order. The following accessories come with free delivery if ordered together with the smart stair lighting system! You can choose these from our webshop here.


Check and complete your order

Once you complete your order, you will get an email confirmation. You will get another confirmation, containing your parcel tracking number, once your order has been dispatched. Your stair lighting set should be with your 7-12 days from ordering.


If you have any questions, get stuck or encounter any problems, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Further resources for our stair lighting solution:


Are you ready to order your stair lighting set?