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Fibre optic star ceilings

Bring the magic of starry nights to your home


Ready-to-install starry panels

These beautiful feature lights give you the chance to dream under the stars at home whatever the weather outside! 

Our fibre optic star ceilngs are constructed by hand and delivered to you as a complete unit.  They are easy to install underneath your existing ceiling - no need for access to the loft space or floor above.  Our panels are available in a variety of sizes, light options and with different finishes.  The starry lights can shine, gently twinkle or change colour, depending on the options you choose.


Why choose a fibre optic star ceiling?

Stair Lights - flexible

Decorative feature

  • A star ceiling is a unique lighting feature to make your space sparkle and shine

  • Subtle, elegant design is suitable throughout the house

Stair lights - energy efficient

Easy installation

  • The panel is constructed specially for you and delivered fully complete

  • No need for access to the ceiling void or floor above

  • Connects to your existing lighting circuit

  • Clear installation guide included

stair lights - elegant and practical

Mood lighting

  • Change your lighting to match your mood with colour changing edge lighting

  • Produces atmospheric night sky effect

  • Can replace night lighting for children who are afraid of the dark

stair lights - choice of colours

Flexible options

  • Wide range of sizes available

  • Panels come in different finishes and with a variety of light effects, giving you flexibility over how your panel looks

  • Choose options that complement or contrast with your decor

stair lights - automatic

Sensory lighting

  • Twinkling lights have a calming effect

  • Lights can be therapeutic for children with Autism, ADD, people with anxiety, addiction, depression and insomnia

  • Can promote cognitive development by increasing brain functions

stair lights - high quality

Made in Europe

  • Manufactured in the EU, to the highest quality standards

  • CE certified products

  • 2 year warranty


* Exclusions apply. Please see our terms and conditions for details of delivery


Fibre optic star ceilings are available in four plain colours and three printed designs