5 things you didn’t know about fibre optic ceiling lights


Fibre optic star ceilings are a great feature at your home or business, providing dreamy mood lighting which evokes the night sky. But behind the starlight effect, the technology itself is fascinating. Here are five things you may not know about fibre optic ceiling lights:


1)    A single light source makes all the star points.  Yes, just one! There aren’t hundreds of mini light bulbs, one single source does it all.   In these days of environmental consciousness, this light source is likely to use LED technology but previously incandescent lamps were used too.  The fibres transfer the light along their length to emit it as a star point.  Curious as to how that works?  Read on!

2)    Optical fibres work by reflecting light along their length.  Optical fibres are solid and made of glass or plastic – these materials reflect the light internally within the fibre and do not let it out of the sides.  The light travels in straight lines, bouncing its way from side to side down the fibre from the light source until it reaches the end, where it is emitted as a star point.  Clever stuff!

3)    Fibre optic ceiling lights can be good for you!  We all spend our time rushing from one thing to the next.  Remembering to take time to relax is important and often overlooked.  Lying back under the star lights – whatever the weather outside – and listening to music is a great way to unwind.  Whether it’s classical, prog rock or ambient sounds you go for, a star ceiling sets it off perfectly.  (Incidentally, a star ceiling is also a great accessory for singing along to cheesy pop, dancing to 70s disco or moshing to metal, but that’s another story….) 

4)    Even though it’s one light source, the stars can twinkle.  It doesn’t have to be just on or off, you can have the lights twinkling over your head – or even changing colour!  Different light engine options are available, giving you loads of choice about the effect you want at your home or business.


5)    You can buy them ready made or go DIY.  Fibre optic ceiling lights come in a ready made panel or you can get a kit and make your own – the choice is yours.  The ready made option is easy to install with a minimum of disruption, as the panel sits under your existing ceiling and no access to the ceiling space above is required.  You don’t even need to redecorate afterwards!  Or if you’re feeling creative, you could buy a star kit and make your own - this option is great if you do have access to the ceiling void and if you want full control over the position of the star points. You can add constellations, design a pattern of your own or even write your name in the stars!


At Stellar Lighting we’re excited about selling both ready made fibre optic panels and star kits.  Head on over to our shop pages to see the range!

Sarah Watson