Nursery lighting ideas: twinkling night sky

Whether you have small children already or have a little one on the way, decorating the nursery is bound to be something you have given a lot of thought to.  But have you considered nursery lighting?

Throughout the home, lighting features can make a huge difference to the look and feel of a room and the nursery is no different.  A star panel can be a brilliant focal point and with sizes from 90 cm square, there is a panel to fit even the smallest bedroom. 

Nursery lighting scheme featuring a star ceiling

They are easy to install and there is no need for access to the roof space or floor above.  And there’s no need to repaint afterwards as they fit under your existing ceiling!

Nursery lighting options

Our lights have many different options, giving you true flexibility.  You can opt for colour changing star points points, plain white, or stars that twinkle gently, giving a relaxing effect - ideal for nursery lighting.  We know how precious sleep is!  

You can add colour changing edge lighting, giving an interactive feature on the panel.  For toddlers, learning to use the remote to control the lights encourages autonomy as well as helping them to concentrate.  And as they grow older, your child will love being able to choose their own colour scheme on a moment by moment basis.

The panels come in plain finishes or with a choice of realistic galaxy photographs applied by transfer – brilliant for inspiring the next generation!  Maybe your little one who dreams under the stars will grow up to become an astronomer or astronaut?!  

See our range of fibre optic star ceilings and give your children the star treatment! 

Sarah Watson