Galaxy design starlight ceiling

Galaxy design starlight ceiling

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A fibre optic star ceiling creates a relaxing mood and is sure to provide a talking point at your home or business premises.

Our galaxy design starlight ceilings have a photograph of a real view of the milky way, giving you a truly special night sky effect. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, which can follow the shape of your room in harmony with its proportions, or act as a feature highlight.

Colour changing edge lighting is included as standard and you can choose from twinkling white lights or colour changing RGB star points.

The guide below has more information on the options available for your panel.

light engine:
galaxy design:
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(Pictures are for illustrative purposes)

Please note that our fibre optic star ceilings are manufactured to order in Poland and shipped directly to customers. Your panel may be subject to additional customs charges and delivery delays, depending on how and whether a Brexit deal is implemented.

Galaxy design options

Choose from the following three designs for your night sky ceiling:

Light engine options

We offer a choice of two light engines, giving you different effects:

  • RGB - colour changing star lights with a remote controller so you can choose the colour you want, or enjoy a cycle through different colours

  • white twinkling - star lights, switched on and off at a wall switch, with a constant twinkling effect

Standard features:

Optical fibres transfer light from a hidden light source along their length, emitting it at the end as tiny star points distributed across a flat panel. All our fibre optic star ceiling panels have approximately 100 star points per square metre.  They are made to order, according to the options you choose.  The lead time for our fibre optic star ceilings is approximately 5-6 weeks from placing the order to delivery.

  • Delivery by courier:

    • Included for most UK mainland addresses. See terms and conditions for more information on delivery

  • Installation:

    • Installation screws are provided (subject to confirmation of ceiling materials)

    • Can be installed underneath an existing ceiling and connected to an existing ceiling power supply

    • Full instructions and video guide provided

  • Light engine:

    • Lifespan of up to 50,000 hours

    • Embedded in the panel as a self contained unit, meaning there is no need for access to the ceiling space above

  • Panel:

    • Compact design for easy installation on almost any flat horizontal or vertical surface

    • Depth 10cm

    • Made from dibond - aluminum with polyurethane core


Stellar Lighting fibre optic star ceilings come with a two-year warranty for your peace of mind.  Information about our range of fibre optic star ceilings is contained in the following PDF product information sheet.


Please note that our fibre optic star panels are designed to complement, not replace, ambient lighting.  If you are looking for a source of ambient lighting within your star ceiling, we would be pleased to design an LED star ceiling that meets your needs. Please visit our gallery of LED panel designs for inspiration.

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