LED lights for stairs - why choose them?

As lighting technology advances, more and more people are choosing linear LED lights for stairs that are installed directly on the stairway instead of wall lamps or pendant lights.  These LED strips are usually placed with their midpoint aligned to the centre of the step.  A clear advantage is that this type of installation lights each step evenly, an effect that cannot be obtained with overhead lighting, wall sconces or low-level recessed wall lighting.

Stair lighting installed on open staircase

Concealing the LED lighting strips

In our earlier blog, we mentioned that placing lights under the nose of stair treads can create a dramatic focal point.   The streamlined and flexible nature of LED stair lights makes them suitable for sites where other lighting systems will fail.

A staircase’s structure can be your playground for a textured lighting scheme: take advantage of the nooks and crannies, bends and edges!  By using strip lights concealed within the stairs, you can make the staircase itself glow rather than beaming light onto the stairs from elsewhere.

Energy efficiency

LED lights for stairs are energy efficient, using small amounts of electricity to provide the perfect amount of light at night. The heat produced by LED strips is far less than some other light sources.  In addition, LED stair lights can have attractive and varied appearances.

Stair lighting shades of light

Colour of the light

LED strip lights come in different colours, with some of them even providing a colour changing option for people that want to switch up the mood by using varying shades.  Even for white lights, it is important to understand what colour temperatures will look good against your interior materials and colours.

Warm white light will give a romantic effect, blending perfectly with creams and bronzes. In turn, cold white or neutral white will work well with black and white decor or, for example, grey.


Intelligent Stair Lighting

The benefits of LED lights for stairs alone can be extended with a complete stair lighting set. Our set consists of LED strips and protective profiles for each step, cabling and a power supply as well as options for a programmable control unit, which can switch all lights together or one by one in a sweeping motion up or down the stairs.  The set also includes motion sensors for the top and bottom of the staircase, giving hands-free operation and it can be combined with a timer so that the stair lights only operate during hours of darkness.   Intelligent Stair Lighting from Stellar Lighting is available from our shop in three shades of white LED: warm, neutral and cool white or by request other colours are available.

Protective profiles prevent damage to the LED strip and mean that the self-adhesive backing tape does not peel over time.  We offer three models of profiles: standard, angular and recessed, each suitable for a range of installation sites.  Our profiles are offered in different colours, including both light and dark wood-effect as well as silver, gold, black and white, giving you flexibility on highlighting the feature or blending it into your staircase.

For more information and to order your Intelligent Stair Lighting system, please visit our shop pages.

Sarah Watson