How do I get a fibre optic star ceiling?

fibre optic star ceiling - mood lighting

Summer 2018 has brought the UK weeks of cloudless summer nights, perfect for star spotting!  Have you ever lost yourself in imagination while gazing up at the stars?

Maybe you’ve tried to count them, looked for patterns and constellations or perhaps you’ve wondered how far away each one may be.  Did you know you can capture the relaxing starlight mood and bring it into your home or business with a fibre optic star ceiling?


What is a fibre optic star ceiling?

Light engine and fibres for fibre optic star ceiling kit

Fibre optic star ceilings are constructed of fibre optic strands together with a light source.  The fibres themselves don’t shine, but transfer light from a single source along their length to be emitted as individual star points as the fibres spread out. Fibres pass through a board or specially constructed panel and are fixed in place, so as you look up, all you see is the starlight end points.  Nifty!


What do the starlights on a fibre optic star ceiling look like?

Fibre optic star ceiling in bedroom

The effect produced by your fibre optic star ceiling depends on the diameter of the optical fibres used, as well as on the light source.  Using a mix of fibres 0.75mm and 1.5mm in diameter and distributing them across the ceiling surface gives a random effect that evokes the starry night sky.  

The light source, too, affects its appearance.  Choose from white light or colour changing light or, alternatively, go for a special twinkling star effect to really mimic the stars outside.


Where can I put a fibre optic star ceiling?

Fibre optic star ceilings work for bedrooms, living rooms, offices, reception areas….installation is very flexible!  You can put them under suspended ceilings, in stretched ceilings, plasterboard, perspex and wood. Ready made fibre optic star ceiling panels come in many different sizes, to suit the smallest bedroom right up to large living areas.  

Fibre optic star ceilings by Stellar Lighting are available in 13 standard sizes, or you can use a DIY star ceiling kit to make your own.  Alternatively you can contact us for a bespoke quote.

Sarah Watson