Fitting LED starlight ceilings

Our star ceiling panels are supplied ready-made, which makes them really quick to install with a minimum of mess and fuss. They fit onto your existing ceiling too, so there is no need to redecorate after installation. 

Because they run from mains electricity, LED starlight ceilings should be installed by a trained and competent person.  For customers in London and its surrounding areas, we can arrange installation with a trusted installer that we work in partnership with.  We provide a full set of instructions with each panel, so technicians installing a panel for the first time will know exactly what to do.

LED starlight ceiling fitting instructions.jpg

Instructions for fitting an LED star ceiling

All our instructions are in clear, plain English


Our bespoke LED starlight ceiling panels can be fitted onto a plasterboard ceiling and connected to your existing lighting circuit, there’s no need for rewiring.  Our instruction books take you through the installation step by step, from unpacking the panel from its protective transport packaging, right through to seeing it up and twinkling on your ceiling.  Full-colour pictures and clear descriptions are included throughout, so you can follow the process without getting lost.  Fitting one of these beautiful panels can be completed in as little as two hours!  

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