DIY star ceiling using a fibre optic star ceiling kit

A creative family recently bought a fibre optic star ceiling kit from Stellar Lighting and worked together on a project to install a DIY star ceiling at their home.

The light engine used was the S1-LED 3W light engine in warm white and the family chose optical fibre bundle D, containing 150 optical fibres. This bundle has optical fibres of two different diameters: 75 fibres are 0.75 mm and 75 are 1 mm in diameter. The length of the fibres ranges from 1.1 m to 2.1 m - the star points closer to the light engine can use the shorter fibres, which means less potential for getting in a tangle with installation.


Looking good!

Mid way through installation of the DIY star ceiling kit. The holes are drilled and the fibres secured in place, before the board is attached to the ceiling


DIY star ceiling kits from Stellar Lighting

Our fibre optic star ceiling kits come with a light engine, fibre bundle (or bundles - some light engines use two bundles of fibre optic strands) and a 1 mm drill bit. You need a drill and some glue to secure the fibre optic strands in place on your ceiling.

When they sent us these pictures, the family said, “we really enjoyed making our star ceiling using the star kit” - we’re delighted that you had fun making it and hope you enjoy it for many years to come. It looks fab!

If you feel like creating your own diy star ceiling, you can order your kit from our webshop. Alternatively you can check out our ready-made star ceiling panels here.

Sarah Watson