stellar lighting

Experience the magic of starry nights at your home or business

Custom designed, hand-crafted starlight ceilings made just for you

At Stellar Lighting, we supply unique starlight ceiling panels with hundreds of twinkling LED lights, hand crafted to your choice of design. You can choose to add spotlights or chandeliers, as well as colour changing edge lighting to provide a really special lighting experience. Browse through our Gallery for inspiring ideas!


Our panels are easy to install and can be positioned either on ceilings or on any vertical surface, including walls, kitchen units, windows - almost anywhere!


Whether it is a constellation, cosmic swirl, a wave, flower, even your name in the stars, we can create a pattern just for you. The only limit is your imagination.


Stellar Lighting star ceiling panels are hand-made with precision and accuracy. Our starry ceilings come in many different shapes and in any colour, using energy-efficient LEDs for the stars. Your starlight ceiling can shine, flash, fade in and out or gently twinkle. Ceiling lights have never been more beautiful!


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