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Intelligent stair lighting

Smart solutions for staircase illumination


All-inclusive stair lighting solution

Our motion sensor-activated, programmable system can light up your stairs automatically when you enter the staircase area. The kit contains all that you need: individual LED strips with protective casing, motion sensors, programmable controller and power supply for quick and convenient installation.








Why choose smart stair lighting?

 Stair Lights - flexible

All-in-one solution

  • The set includes all the components for your stair lighting

  • LED strips with protective casing, motion sensors, programmable controller, power supply

  • Optional accessories include timer, additional wires and wago connectors.

 Stair lights - energy efficient

Energy efficient

  • Energy efficient LED lights

  • 50,000 hours of life expectancy for the LED lights

  • Lights are only on when required

 stair lights - choice of colours

Flexible options

  • Adaptable and customisable options to match different types of stairs and surroundings

  • Several light and profile colour options

  • Variety of options for step number and length

 Stair lighting in action
 Motion sensor lights for stairs
 Motion sensor Lights for stairs - all lights On
 stair lights - elegant and practical

Elegant and practical

  • Aesthetic design

  • The lighting effect makes the stairs an architectural feature of the space

  • Even illumination of the stairs, regardless of the width of the steps

  • Sets are easy to install and use

 stair lights - automatic

Smart automation

  • Programmable control unit to adjust the lighting conditions to your preferences and the needs of your environment

  • Lights turn on and off automatically when required

  • Adjustable brightness and dimming speed

 stair lights - high quality

Made in Europe

  • Manufactured in the EU, to the highest quality standards

  • CE certified products

  • 2 year warranty


Explore the options:

Our stair light sets come in two profile lengths, 60cm and 90cm to suit different stair widths.