Light Shower

Light Shower

from 699.00

Shower yourself in twinkling starlight! Our starlight ceilings can be made from waterproof materials, making them suitable for bathrooms, even directly above a shower. LED lights in this panel can twinkle, flash, fade or be static, giving you the flexibility to create the perfect atmosphere for your mood on the day.

Prices are for a 1 m x 1 m waterproof panel.

If this isn’t the right size for you or if you would like a different colour, please contact us.

Edge lighting:
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Our LED starlight ceilings are handmade to order and the colour, design and shape can be altered to meet your needs. 

If you would like this LED starlight ceiling for your home or business exactly as shown, please order directly from our shop. Alternatively, please use our contact form, email on or give us a call on 07572 555956 to discuss what you'd like.

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