Welcome to our new site!

We're excited to unveil our brand new website.  We're continuing to offer the bespoke LED star ceiling panels that we've been selling since 2014, but our site now includes a shop with fibre optic star ceilings and DIY fibre optic lighting kits that you can buy directly.  


New! Fibre optic star ceilings

You can now buy fibre optic panels directly from our shop, in a choice of sizes, with different effects including coloured star points, edge lighting and printed galaxy designs.

Our two types of star ceiling give different effects.  We love both LEDs and fibre optics and are delighted to be able now to give our customers a greater choice of options.  In particular, having a standard set of designs for our fibre optic panels means that you can buy directly, without the design process required for LED star ceilings.

LED star ceilings

We still offer LED star ceilings via our bespoke design process



Best of all, this is only the beginning!  We will be adding additional lighting products in the coming weeks and months and have a few nifty ideas in development that we can't wait to bring to you later in the year.  We enjoy selling unusual lighting ideas that make us smile and we hope they will make you smile too.  

What do you think?

We hope you'll enjoy browsing our site and our shop, and if you have any feedback we'd love to hear from you.  Or why not keep in touch via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram?

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