Vivid Sydney

We've been inspired this weekend to see the beautiful light displays on show at the Vivid Sydney festival. The festival is a celebration of lights, music and ideas, bringing together artists and performers in the city, from 26th May to 17th June.

More than 90 lighting installations are on show, some of which are interactive, allowing visitors to become part of the show themselves!  Visitors can get their own set of wings, play electric hopscotch on a grid that appears as they walk by, and explore using a torch that appears dark then produces colourful patterns when it hits a surface covered in UV ink invisible to humans.

007- torch.JPG

This looks fun!

Revealing the secrets of an apparently blank wall using a UV torch

There’s even a piece that creates a starry night sky (an idea that is close to our hearts here at Stellar Lighting ;-) ) This installation features glowing umbrellas which open and close, and when fully open, there’s a flash of bright light and the supernova is revealed! Starlight inspiration showcased on the world stage.

007 - Sydney Opera House lit.jpg


It all sounds magical and we would love to go along to see it for real (just look at the colours of the Sydney Opera House!) but sadly as we are based in London it's a tad too far to pop over. It's wonderful to see the videos and photos shared online and to see how far creativity in lighting can go. Well done, Sydney!



Sarah Watson