NEW! Order an LED starlight ceiling directly from our website!

Our hand-crafted LED starlight ceilings have a special place in our heart. These LED star panels were the first products we ever offered and their gorgeous light effects still make us feel warm and fuzzy inside. To make it easy for our customers to get the star treatment, you can now order directly from our website!

Six of our most popular designs are available to order from the shop without needing to go through the design process.

Star ceilings you can buy directly

The following six designs can be ordered from our shop:

Light Shower
from 749.00
Solar Disc
Day and Night
Yin and Yang
Sky Portal
2D Spiral

Bespoke star ceilings

Don’t worry if you can’t see what you want! We still offer bespoke design and will be more than happy to come up with something that meets your needs - whether it’s a colour tweak, a change of size and shape, more or fewer spotlights or a completely new design, we can work with you to get the starlight ceiling of your dreams. There are ideas in our LED star ceiling gallery if you’d like additional inspiration. So if you’d like one of these beautiful light features, why not contact us and we can start the ball rolling!

Sarah Watson