Dream bigger with a galaxy star ceiling

Summer days are great aren’t they?  The sky is blue, the sun is shining and there’s no need for an overcoat or woolly jumper.  Nat King Cole sang about the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer and we are hearing him loud and clear. Then there’s Shakespeare comparing his love to a summer’s day and countless painters and artists getting the beauty of a summer afternoon onto canvas.  Yep, summer days are fantastic.  But Danny and Sandy were on to something when they talked about ohhhh! Those sum-mer ni-i-i-ghts.

Tell me more, you say?  We will!  The night skies are every bit as inspiring as the sunshine, and stars appear throughout music, art and literature.  Sitting out under the stars leads deep thinkers to wonder about our place in the universe, astronomers to look out for constellations and romantics to look for shooting stars.  Stellar Lighting offers you the chance to bring these summer nights into your home, with a galaxy star ceiling.  There are three designs to choose from, each with a realistic photograph finish and fibre optic lights across the panel.  We offer galaxy star ceilings on both circular and rectangular panels in a variety of sizes.

Our galaxy star ceilings are available with a choice of three light engines, each giving a different effect: twinkling white lights, static white lights or RGB colour changing lights.  Your galaxy star ceiling can have colour changing edge lighting added to it to provide a really special lighting experience.

Warm evenings spent outside are a summer treat.  Whether you’re at home or on holiday, sitting under the vast array of stars is an experience to be savoured.  Bring a little of the night sky to your home or business with a galaxy star ceiling and keep the summer vibe going all year round.  There’s something in a starry sky for everyone.

Janos Hampel