Cycling by starlight!

We love a bit of starlight here at Stellar Lighting (can you tell?), and we're also partial to the odd bike ride. What about combining the two?! This Saturday 8th July a bunch of riders will do just that, in the Dunwich Dynamo, the annual overnight London to Suffolk bike ride.

The Dunwich Dynamo, AKA the Dun Run, sees up to 2,000 cyclists head out to the East coast. It's a 200km (120 mile) ride overnight, cleverly timed to take place on the Saturday night in July closest to full moon, helping the riders see their way via beautiful moonlight. (Ahem. However beautiful the moonlight is, if you're riding at night, you still need lights!!!!)


Can we, shall we?

(Don't fancy 120 miles on those bikes though!)

Participants will leave our home borough of Hackney in East London at round eight or nine in the evening, and cycle up through Epping Forest, then onto Sudbury and Framlingham before arriving at the coast just in time for breakfast and maybe even a quick dip!

The event operates on a turn up and ride basis, as it's not formally organised, just a critical mass of enthusiastic and adventurous cyclists. It sounds great fun! Hopefully the moon and stars will shine down on all the riders to light your way - we wish you all a great ride. Stay safe, guys!

Sarah Watson