A trip to the fair!

So many beautiful lights in one place! Stellar Lighting director Janos is just back from the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair, Spring 2017 Edition. With more than 1500 exhibitors at the show, there was tons to look at and loads of interesting people to talk to.

Janos made his way around the fair's exhibitors over four days, taking the opportunity to chat to lighting designers from across the globe. Here at Stellar Lighting, we want to bring you a wider selection of products and going to the fair was a great way to explore lighting trends and to look at current ideas.

005 - glittering lights.jpg

Glittering bulbs of lovely lights


The innovation that goes into new and exciting products is hugely impressive! We know that well-designed lighting brings a different dimension to a space, as well as being functional, but what about a dress made from fabric containing fibre optic strands? A dazzling creation! The development in combined lighting and audio products is brilliant and to see (and hear!) what's on offer was great. In addition, there were luminaires of all shapes and sizes to draw the eye, from nightlights through to grand chandeliers.

005 - Lights on displayv2.jpg

Beautifully displayed lights on an exhibitor's stand


We love the starlight ceilings shown on our gallery pages and as well as those gorgeous designs, we hope to add something a little different very soon (watch this space!). Seeing so many different lighting options in one place was truly inspiring - when's the next fair?

Sarah Watson