We quote individually for bespoke LED star ceilings, and the price of your panel will depend on the complexity, features, shape and size of the design. 

As a guide:

  • The smallest and simplest design (a flat, square panel of 1 sq m, lit by twinkling LED lights alone) can be yours for £699, including delivery (see Terms and Conditions for delivery areas).

  • Larger panels have an average price of £650 per square metre. Please note that some designs have minimum size requirements.

  • As we price our panels individually, you only pay for the components used in your design. The more features your design includes (such as edge lighting, spot lighting, complex panel shape, 3-d sculpting), the more it will cost.

Because of the individual nature of these lights, we can even turn the process around: if you have a budget in mind, we can (within limitations) design a star light panel from your ideas that fits within the amount you want to spend.  Just let us know and we'll see what we can do!


If you've seen a design you like, or have an idea of your own, get in touch using the form below, via email at or by phone on 07572 555956.