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Star ceilings

Bring the magic of starry nights to your home

Star ceilings

Our fibre optic star ceilings are ready-made and easy to install decorative panels that create an atmospheric star-like effect as an aesthetic feature in any indoor area.

The starry sky effect is achieved using bundles of optical fibres, which transfer light from a single source along their length, emitting it at the end as many tiny star points distributed across a flat panel. 

Decorative feature
  • Take your room decoration to a whole new level

  • Subtle and simple designs can be used in any room of your house

  • Unique accessory to make your space sparkle and shine

  • Choose a design that fits your style and matches your home decor

  • Compact panels with easy installation on almost any type of surface

Starry sky feature
  • Bring home the feeling of the shimmering night sky

  • Relaxing experience - relieve stress and melt your daytime worries away

  • Gaze at the stars from the comfort of your bed or sofa any time you want

  • Helps children tackle fear of the dark. Helps them to fall asleep faster and replaces nightlights.

Mood enhancing
  • Glow lighting around the edges can outline the shape of the starlight panel and provide mood lighting with adjustable colours.

  • Coloured lighting can change the atmosphere of your room, but it also impacts on your mood and body.

  • Adjust the colour of the light to complement your mood:

    • blue for calm and relaxation

    • yellow and orange for cheerful joy, confidence and positivity

    • green for stress relief

    • red for energy and vitality

Sensory lighting
  • Therapeutic for children with Autism, ADD, people with anxiety, addiction, depression and insomnia.

  • Helps children to concentrate and improve their focus in a positive, fun and creative way

  • Tackle behavioural problems by calming children down, comforting and occupying them

  • Promote cognitive development by increasing brain functions

  • Improves balance, movement and spatial orientation

  • Can be a key component of a multi-sensory room