A football fan's hall of fame with stairway lighting


In July 2018, we were contacted by Celtic FC superfan Craig, who was setting up a “hall of fame” on a staircase at home – complete with green and white striped walls, signed photos of footballing heroes and other team memorabilia.  What better way to complete the effect than with green stair lighting?

At the time, Stellar Lighting offered only white stair lights but as a result of Craig’s request, we were pleased to add not only green, but also red and blue to the range that we now offer.


There are 13 steps in the staircase and Craig wanted the cascade effect, where the lights come on one by one.  Our stair kits are provided complete (including lights, motion sensors, programmable controller and protective profiles plus diffusers) and we include only the right number of steps for our customers’ projects meaning that you don’t pay for extra lights that you don’t need.  The cascade effect is created by controller SCR2.


The stairs for this project were treated to a complete overhaul: each step had tired-looking painted sides left over from a previous stair runner installation and they have now been fitted with smart wood cladding with a dark stain.  To complement the dark wood finish, we supplied black profiles, with a “standard” profile shape which sits under the bull-nose of the stair’s cladding.


The controller is mounted at the top of the stairs and hidden behind a specially constructed panel which matches the colour of the stairs. We were pleased to give a little extra boost to the project by phone, helping Craig when he was programming the controller. 


After the project was finished, Craig said, “all the hard work has paid off.  I love it, just what I’ve been wanting to achieve for two years, thank you so much”.  Job done!  


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If you need a custom configuration for your stair lights or if you’re stuck with any aspect of your stair lighting project please get in touch and we’d be happy to help.

Sarah Watson